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Psych221 - Curved Focal Plane Arrays (2008)

Optimization of Piezoresistive Cantilever Performance
S-J. Park, A.J. Rastegar, T.H. Fung, A.A. Barlian, J.R. Mallon, B.L. Pruitt
Hilton Head 2008 Solid State Sens. Act. Microsystem Workshop

Low 1/f noise, full bridge, microcantilever with longitudinal and transverse piezoresistors
J.R. Mallon, A.J. Rastager, A. A. Barlian, M. T. Meyer, T. H. Fung, B.L. Pruitt
APL, 92, 033508, 2008

Sidewall Epitaxial Piezoresistor Process for In-plane Sensing Applications
A.A. Barlian, N. Harjee, V. Mukundan, T.H. Fung, S-J. Park, B.L. Pruitt
2008 MEMS,(Tucson, AZ)

Liquid crystal thermography of an on-chip polymerase chain reaction micro-thermocycler
T.H. Fung, S. Chao, J. Peach, D. Meldrum
2006 ASME ICNMM,(Limerick, Ireland)

Microprinting of on-chip cultures: Patterning of yeast cell microarrays using concanavalin-A adhesion
T.H. Fung, G. Ball, S. McQuaide, S. Chao, A. Colman-Lerner, M. Holl, D. Meldrum.
2004 ASME IMECE,(Anaheim, CA)